We realize providing our clients with the right product isn't always enough, which is why we offer several support services, including merchandising assistance, trade shows, menu design & development and our custom branded food program Grab'n Dash Deli. In the end, we're here to help you get the most out of your products and your Vern's Foodservice partnership.

Your success reflects our success, so when it comes to your food service business, we want to help you strengthen it from every angle.

In addition to evaluating new products in a functional test kitchen, we also provide new program demonstrations and customer consultation for program planning, food costing and profitability analysis to give you the kind of efficient and accurate solutions you need to grow wisely.

Coopers Chicken

Our signature branded program, Cooper's Express, is designed to increase your fried chicken sales and create the lasting image and superior taste that keeps your customers coming back.

Cooper's Express provides:

  • The Highest quality breading, seasoning, and shortening maintenance products available.
  • Store training and technical support on each product.
  • Marketing programs to increase your fried chicken sales.
  • Personal attention - We make sure you have the products, and the support when you need them.
  • Employee training, sale and profit monitoring, marketing consulting and technical support.
  • Continuous new products.

Champs Chicken



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